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Remediation and Contaminated Soil

Subject to the type of asbestos and your particular site requirements we can arrange for the collection via van, skip, roll on/off, tipper vehicle or bulk artic. Due to the volume of Asbestos Contaminated Soil & Hardcore we handle, we are able to secure favourable/competitive rates. All consignment notes are produced on your behalf. As part of our service we will notify you of any changes in legislation that may have a (direct/indirect) impact on your business.

On the receipt of the soils report for your land we advise you on how best to handle your soils. Based on the characteristics of the material we will look at the options ranging from re-use, treatment or disposal. We will ensure compliance with all current legislation and key industry drivers, ensuring that you meet your obligations.

Our reliable and cost-effective removal and disposal services include:

Asbestos cement (AC) bonded asbestos

Fibrous asbestos

Asbestos contaminated soil

Asbestos contaminated hardcore

Other asbestos containing materials


Fly-tipped Asbestos

Demolition Contracting & Environmental Services (DCE) Ltd recognises the need to offer a pick up and collection service to householders, small organisations and local authorities.

With disposal prices rising dramatically for hazardous waste the possibility of illegal dumping increases daily.

Most people fly-tip to avoid paying the disposal fee and landfill tax.

Fly-tipping can be dangerous.  Dumping waste can be hazardous to the public; especially when the waste consists of drums of toxic material, asbestos sheeting or syringes. Fly-tipping can also pollute surrounding land and waterways, damage wildlife and ecosystems.

In the UK, waste is disposed of under laws that impose a duty on producers and transporters of waste to ensure that all waste is disposed of properly.

All hazardous waste will be removed on consignment notes in accordance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005.

Only holders of a Waste Carriers Licence can recover, transport, deposit or dispose of waste.  Waste can be deposited only at Environmental Agency approved facilities.

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